Culture-Based Education Repository (CBER) is a project of the National Indian Education Association (NIEA) designed to house culture-based education (CBE) curriculum aligned with Common Core State Standard (CCSS). The repository will serve as a clearinghouse for quality curriculum respectful of cultural and traditional knowledge and utilizing innovative instructional strategies to ensure Native students succeed. The purpose of the CBER is not to endorse a particular curriculum, product, or template, but to instead provide educators of Native students with the best resources for increasing the educational attainment of Native students.

There are two objectives for this project:

  1. Increase the supply of quality lessons and units aligned to CBE and CCSS that are readily available to all teachers, curriculum developers, and administrators.
  2. Provide educators with strategies, resources, and tools to strengthen the teacher-student connection that will enable their students to succeed.


NIEA is seeking educators and curriculum developers to submit lesson plans that incorporate culture-based learning using standards that will promote the highest levels of academic achievement in the areas of study of English-Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology and Culture/Language.

Culture-Based Education Curriculum (CBEC) panel will review each lesson or unit submission using the standardized rubric. Those who submit their lesson or unit will be notified by the CBEC Panel about their findings. The culture-based education curricula that are approved will be added to the CBER.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Diana Cournoyer through our contact form.